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1 Kg Wallnuss Geschmack Eispulver VEGAN - OHNE ZUCKER - LAKTOSEFREI - GLUTENFREI - FETTARM, auch für Diabetiker Milcheis Softeispulver Speiseeispulver Gino Gelati

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 | Größe: 1 kg
ProduktbeschreibungenGino Gelati flavored ice powder for ice creamOur price tip:If you compare prices for ice cream, do not compare the KG prices, but compare the prices of the finished ice cream, what you want to sell. From a kg of ice powder you can win 3 liters of ready-made ice, but also up to 38 liters of ready-to-eat ice cream.EXTREMELY REASONABLEGino Gelati ice-cream powder is suitable for all soft ice cream machines, ice cream machines and also household ice cream machines.It is low in fat, calorie-reduced and gluten-free, has a creamy, creamy consistency and can be mixed with drinking water, milk or cream.All components required for ice cream are already included in the powder, so you just need to add liquid.The addition of water is already sufficient to produce a delicious ice cream.Ingredients: maltinol, sorbitol, vegetable protein isolate, vegetable fat hardened (coked) flavor, coloring: E 160a, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, guar gum, xanthan gumdyes: There are no synthetic, but only natural or nature identical dyes used. E 160a beta carotene for orange yellowE 162 beetroot powder for redE 163 anthocyanins for blueE 141 copper-containing complexes of the chlorophylline for greenE 150 caramel for brownNutrition facts per 100 g: Fruits: Energy: 1010 Kj / 242 Kcal - Fat: 0.6, of which saturated fatty acids: 0.4 - Protein: 2.7 - Carbohydrate: 94 - Of which sugar: 0 - Salt: 0.1Chocolate: Energy: 1128 Kj / 270 Kcal - Fat: 5.2, of which saturated fatty acids: 4.0 - Protein: 6.0 - Carbohydrate: 81 - Of which sugar: 0 - Salt 0.1other varieties: Energy: 1170 Kj / 280 Kcal - Fat: 5.6, of which saturated fatty acids: 4.2 - Protein: 6.0 - Carbohydrate: 85 - of which sugar: 0 - salt 0.1Inhaltsstoffe / ZutatenMaltinol, Sorbitol, Plfanzenproteinisolat, Pflanzenfett gehärtet ( kokus ) Aroma, Farbstoff: E 163, Mono- und Diglyceride von Speisefettsäuren, Guarkernmehl, XanthanAnschrift Hersteller/ImporteurGino Gelati,Lestix International GmbH,Am Erbgericht 9,D-01844 NeustadtMehr

1 kg
Gino Gelati
5 x 30 x 20 cm; 1 Kilogramm
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