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Vego Vego Lino Nougat Pralines Vegan - 180g

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Vego Vego Lino Nougat Pralines ingredients: cane sugar, Hazelnut Paste, cocoa Mass, cocoa butter, Vanilla extract, emulsifier: Soy Lecithin * from organic farming not include): EGG, Peanut, Fructose, Glutamat, wheat, Cinnamon traces possible: Gluten, Kuhmilcheiweiß, lactose, Milk, Milcheiweiß include: Chestnut, Shell Fruit, Soy nutritional value relation to 100 g Energy kJ/Kcal: 2451 kj/589 kcal Fat: 40.1 G of which saturated fatty acid: 13.9 G carbohydrates: 48.1 G of which sogar: 43.8 G Protein: 6.5 G salt: 0 g which can be Standard conforming to: EWG 834/2007 standard state Seal: EU organic Logo using the EU Community Logos: EU agriculture/not EU agriculture more quality requirements and Label: fair Trade Seal tested for harmful substances in certification:-Eco 070 inver kehrbringer: Vego good food ug, lychener Str. 63, D 10437 berlin.Inhaltsstoffe / ZutatenRohrzucker*, Haselnusspaste (27,5%)*, Kakaomasse*, Kakaobutter*, Emulgator: Sojalecithin, Vanilleextrakt* (*= aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau).

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